Testosterone Therapy


(Many Insurance Plans pay for Testosterone Therapy and cash pay options almost always beat our competitors by at least $100 and many times even more)

Testosterone Therapy Benefits:

  • Increased Energy
  • Improved Muscle Recuperation
  • Increase in Muscle Mass
  • Increased Libido
  • Improved Sleep
  • Improved Mood and Sense of Wellbeing
  • Improved Sexual Function

Besides these truly great benefits, there are additional benefits to getting your therapy from WellLife Studio, which include:

  • Staff Integrity and Expertise
  • A staff that specializes in Hormone Therapy and uses the latest technology and tools to keep you safe and ensure you receive the maximum benefit from treatment
  • Our focus on client relationships, instead of just being a number
  • We spend quality time with patients ensuring they completely understand the process and can get all their questions answered
  • Convenience of little to “No Wait” time to receive injections and with cash pay the option to take home injections
  • Through proper lab testing and attention to detail we optimize your dosage to get you feeling and operating your very best and we also monitor other hormone levels, such as estrogen and progesterone and many more to ensure that there are also at optimal healthy levels.
  • We do the vast amount of testosterone-related services without up-charging our clients for things like, estrogen blockers, that they need while they are Testosterone Therapy clients in order to stay healthy.