In-House Labs

What is the Advantage of In-House Labs?

Lab-work seems like the most impersonal aspect of healthcare, but the fact that we use our own in-house system for labs means that we have a customized, tested and true method of serving you the best care possible. Labs are more than a quick blood draw with numbers and figures attached to an impersonal report; our in-house labs become the guide that Susan relies on to develop and deliver a solid blueprint plan that is customized to your unique needs.

When you come to Well Life Studios for specific services such as hormone replacement therapy or medical weight-loss, care provider Susan will ask to know about many aspects of your life—and she will also want a thorough panel of labs done to ensure she has the most information possible to implement a personalized plan that delivers results.

In-House Labs & Concierge Medicine

 Concierge Medicine offers the option of healthcare without the hassle of insurance, and this meshes nicely with our unique offering of in-house labs. This is largely an advantage when it comes to our in-house labs and the fact that we like to deliver personalized results from sources we trust.

Our in-house lab results are ready quickly, with a mere 24-48 hour wait. These results provide a detailed analysis of your current health and allows us to deliver a thorough, accurate assessment of what services will benefit your health goals most.